What a thought can do!

So, the other day I decided to take some evening pictures of some amazing clouds in the sky. After that it became more of a regular habit to take pictures of family members, and natural views from the terrace. In a way, I’m pretty grateful for that out-of-the-blue thought, I mean I got pretty good in the course of a couple of days! I’m going to stop blabbing on now, just look at these pictures, the proof………


Don’t you love the contrast between the trees, sky/clouds, and mountains?


Aren’t those clouds the most beautiful clouds you have ever seen?!!




I just can’t get over how amazingly good green looks against red, and isn’t the look of homes here in Italy quite different than the looks of american homes?


More clouds…


2 thoughts on “What a thought can do!

  1. Giulia says:

    Wow! Those are so beautiful! I love the contrast of the green and the red…and what can I say of those clouds? It make me want to jump on them! 🙂 We sure live in a beautiful world! Love you!

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