Today we will finaly be leaving for the beach in Southern Italy! I don’t know about the rest of my family, but I am shaking of excitement. As a family, we have been trying to get ready to go to the beach for a week now! Thankfully we don’t have to wait any longer! 

The drive to there could be from six to nine hours. It’s a long time in the car, but I have a plan. My sister and I enjoy taking selfies with a point and shoot camera in the car. It’s a little wierd, but it really passes the time! We hope to spend a little time on shore when we get there. Let’s hope that works out!!


Well, we’re here! And here is the heavenly-looking beach!

As you can see, we were pretty welcomed by the sight of the beach. We had a lot of fun on the shore. We did some snorkeling, swimming, and even sand fights. Well, enjoy the fun as we did…


Salt water to the eyes!


My last attempt to get a picture of myself flinging out of the water.




I ❤️ the beach!


Ever seen clearer water?


Proof that I was there!


Sometimes my brother can be so funny.


I like this picture because it looks like the sand is my brother’s blanket.


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