First full day

Man, if only I could stay at this beach for the whole summer! That’s probably not a good place to start…

This morning I woke up last, what’s new? All of my siblings were in quite a rush to make it to the beach as soon as possible, so they were not all that pleased with me. 😁 Slowly, but surely we ended up making it to the shores of a beach a block away on our left. I was hoping to tan a little today, but first I was going to explore some water. I have been hoping to make quite a collection of large beautiful and unique sea shells. This seems quite specific, but last time we were here, I found a lot of those kind of shells. To my disappointment, the tide did not bring close to any good shells this year, or maybe they did. I just have to swim out a little further and keep looking and hopefully I will find some. Now, on to a happier note… I am quite pleased with the way my hair is naturally highlighting. I have never really thought that highlighting your hair with chemicals was healthy, but I’ve always liked the idea, so I’m glad that I’m getting highlights without having to do anything that could potentially hurt me.

Here at the beach the sun can be particularly dangerous, so dangerous that it is not a good idea to be out on the shore from noon to three p.m. So, at this time here in southern Italy, we Italians normally play card games or board games. We also rest, talk with other people that live on the street, or do what I’m doing now, wrighting to other people (or just wrighting in general). But in closing, let me just tell you this… That sitting on a porch, on a sunny afternoon, with the beach in front of you every time you look up, is the perfect way to pass an afternoon when at the beach and not in water…



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