12:30 pm to 4:00 pm

So, as you know, the sun here can be particularly dangerous during certain hours of the day, beginning from about lunch time and ending at about four pm. Most of the time, I play board games or talk with some US friends. I also like to play volleyball (more like wall ball) by playing against the wall. But when I play with someone we create boundaries with chairs and such things, we also use the rack as a net…


The chair is the side boundary and the little “garden area” is the other.

As I said, the other thing I do in my free time is play board games. Today I played THE SETTLERS OF CATAN and TICKET TO RIDE. We have neighbor’s here that are renting one of my grandpa’s beach homes and they enjoy playing CATAN with us. My sister and I played TICKET TO RIDE with me and we kind of broke the rules. Since the game allows up to five players to play, we decided to have two colors each, just to make the game longer. Well, in the end we both ended up with over three hundred points, which is abnormal. Well, in the middle of us playing, we realized that our trains had made the shape of a heart with nothing in it! It was amazing! Here is a picture…


Also, these hours are perfect for communicating with foreign friends! It’s absolutely perfect, while I’m doing almost nothing, my fellow Americans are waking up! (I could be such a great alarm o’clock for them)! Well, until later!!


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