If I was a bluebird in complete!

This is the entire poem of if “I was a Bluebird”. I have also added the last finishing stanzas at the end of the poem, hope you enjoy!!

If I were a bluebird,

I’d travel far and wide

I’d see the flowers and the trees

In homes I would abide.

I’d go to every land

And fly over every sea

Because being a flying traveler is who I’m ment to be.

But then one Sunday morning, after hour seven

I’d fly to my small nest once more

My sweet earthly heaven.

And on that very day, when just settled in

I’d here the cry of my kind

And right then and there, a friend I would find.

I would never have expected

To find someone like her

And because of her great joy and love, I was deeply affected.

We told about our lives

And the little world we lived in

And soon she became my heart twin.

We laughed and cried together

And grew to old age

But we still remained friends forever.

And then one gloomy Friday, after twelve noon

My dearest friend passed away

But I would be with her soon.

Being old in age

My young ones gone from home

I sat in my nest to remember my young stage.

The traveling, the fun

And friendships, some long gone

I remembered each moment with longing and with love.

For if I were a bluebird, I would want to live my life

In immense joy and great love

For every deed and simple strife.

I would try to share my kindness

And be grateful for my world

Because without the gift of gratitude, we would never feel graciousness.


3 thoughts on “If I was a bluebird in complete!

  1. mylifeinmomentsblog says:

    Hope you liked my last edition of “If I was a Bluebird”!
    Attention English speaking followers! My next post will most likely be posted in Italian, but I will pick right back up to wrighting in a language that you understand, right after.

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