Life….a gift not a burden

Life is a not a walk in the park, nor is it a heavy burden that we must carry till we die. Life is. We choose. Life is not and never will be trial-free, but just because there are trials doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them.We are given hardship to feel joy and happiness. Life is the beginning and the end, it is the top and bottom of a mountain, it is the greatest gift we have ever received. Life puts interest in the things that we see and hear, it makes each and every one of us interesting and individual.

So, next time that you look at a difficulty of yours and blame life itself, think twice and be grateful.  Even if it seems like the road will never and and that we are condemned to keep walking for eternity, we will one day be rewarded for our perseverance and hard work. For storms end and the sun will always continue to shine. 


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